December 10, 2009

Ibiza Chill Guitars Baleaic Sounds Del Mar

Ibiza Chill Guitars
Baleaic Sounds Del Mar

01. Strings of Spain [Offshore Mix] (In Credo) (Sample)
02. Sun and Water [Long Cut] (Floating Clouds)
03. Needed Moonlight [Bossa Groove Cut] (Kid Coconutz)
04. Supernatural [The Man Behind C. Edit] (Noise Boyz)
05. Impressions [Wellguitar Mix] (Skysurfer)
06. Remade Sundays [Jazzancolic Mix] (Dessert Tunes)
07. Pitcard [Dreamguitar Mix] (Man Behind C., Man Behind C.)
08. La Guitarra [Dreamtake Mix] (In Credo)
09. La Alahambra [Full Dream Mix] (Adam Bowen)
10. Siesta del Sol [Laid Back Summer Cut] (In Credo)
11. El Calor [Patrick Marsh Chill out Mix] (Calido)
12. Time of Passion [Guitar Mix] (Silent Voices)
13. What the Memories Say [Sunfade Mix] (Jason Tyrello)


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